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    Yuanfen Fest

Yuanfen is an all-new fic fest dedicated to the mochi & peach pairing of EXO: Baekhyun/Kyungsoo. Our goal is to celebrate the playful, funny, and beautiful relationship of the two. We also want to bring Baeksoo enthusiasts together and end the current drought of fics for this pairing in the fandom. We've been deprived for too long, haven't we? 😉

Why Yuanfen?

Yuanfen (緣分) is the Chinese word for a "relationship by fate or destiny". It is believed to be the binding force that brings two people together, may they be lovers or friends.

We believe that Baekhyun & Kyungsoo, as a pair, are the perfect example of this concept. They may have started as complete opposites, but it is the binding force of "fate" that brings them together and continues to let them remain as good friends.

Rules and Guidelines

🌟  The story must revolve around Baekhyun/Kyungsoo. This is a Baeksoo fest, so the endgame and main pairing of your fic must be Baeksoo, no matter what. You can have multiple side pairings in your story but please remember not to deviate the focus from Baeksoo too much.

🌟  Your work must be exclusively written for Yuanfen Fest. Your fic must not be published on any public platform before. Likewise, under no circumstance are you allowed to post your fic in public until reveals for the fest have been made!

🌟  Minimum word count is 2,000 words. Anything lower than this will not be accepted. On the other hand, there is no maximum word count. You can make your fic as lengthy as you'd like, as long as you make it to the deadline!

🌟  No discussion of claimed prompts in public. We understand you're excited, but please refrain from talking about your claimed prompts with your friends on your social media accounts. The mystery is part of the ride, which is also what makes it more exciting. Violators will be called out!

🌟  You can only claim another prompt once you've finished your first work. If you wish to claim a second, third, or fourth prompt, please make sure you submitted the required check-in for your #1 prompt first! Prompters can submit as many prompts as they like, but they can only do so one entry at a time.

🌟  Dropping-out is highly discouraged. Do not claim a prompt if you think you will drop out somewhere along the way. If you wish to extend your deadline, please tell the mods ASAP and we'll be happy to work things out with you. Completely disappearing on us after claiming will be extremely rude and can cause you to get blacklisted from joining our possible future round.

🌟  Plagiarism will not be tolerated. We will thoroughly check your work! We're giving you free reign to be creative with your work as much as you'd like, but please make sure that your fic is (a) original and (b) hasn't been published on any platform before.

🌟  Lastly, have fun and enjoy! The goal of this fest to celebrate Baeksoo and bring us Baeksoo enthusiasts together 💕

Important dates
Prompting begins: April 1
Prompting ends: April 10
Claiming starts: April 15
Claiming ends: April 28
First check-in (500 words): May 25-31
Last day to drop-out: June 1-5
Second check-in (1,200 words): June 25-30

Final deadline: August 7-11
Posting starts: August 20
Posting ends: August 27
Guess who: August 28
Reveals: August 29

Questions? Clarifications? Feel free to shoot us a message at our twitter, send us an email at yuanfenbd@gmail.com, or leave a comment on this post :)


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