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Q: What is Yuanfen Fest?
Yuanfen is a fic fest dedicated to the mochi & peach pairing of EXO, Baekhyun/Kyungsoo. Our aim is to end the long-suffering drought of Baeksoo fics in the fandom while celebrating this lovely pair together. We've been deprived for way too long! It's time that we end this deprivation!

Q: What does Yuanfen mean?
A: Yuanfen (緣分) is a Chinese word that refers to a "relationship determined by fate or destiny." Alternatively, it refers to the binding force that brings two people in love together.

Q: How does a fic fest work?
You leave prompt > claim a prompt > and write the prompt! These two are not mutually exclusive though. You don't have to leave a prompt to claim/write one and vice-versa. You may only be an exclusive prompter, an exclusive writer, or you may choose to be both! We are giving you the full freedom to participate in this fest however you want.


Q: How many prompts can I submit?
You can submit as many you want. There's no limit. Just make sure to submit prompts one entry at a time.

Q: Where do I submit my prompt(s)?
Further details about prompting to be posted soon so please stay tuned!

Q: Do I have to claim a prompt in order to submit one?
Nope. You can submit prompts without claiming and writing one.

Q: Are there any limits in the themes of the prompt I can submit?
: Nope. You can submit any. The sky is the limit here, you can go as kinky or as fluffy as you like! Despite the name of our fest, the prompts don't have to be limited to fate/destiny as well. But if your prompt contains sensitive material (i.e drugs, violence, death, injury, mental illness, etc), please make sure to indicate so in order for us to sort your prompt in the trigger section of our prompt archive accordingly.


Q: Do I have to submit a prompt in order to claim one?
A: Nope, you can claim and write prompts without leaving one!

Q: Can I claim more than one prompt?
Yes! But before you claim your second prompt, please make sure to submit your work for your first prompt on the agreed check-in deadlines.

Q: What if I don't see a prompt that I like?
: You may submit your own self-prompted fic as long as it's Baeksoo-centric, just tell the mods!

Q: How do I claim prompts?
A: Further details about claiming to be announced soon, please stay tuned!

Q: Do I need to have a livejournal/AO3 account to claim prompts and write for this fest?
Nope! You can still participate, just tell us the username that you want us to link to your work during the reveals. That being said, we would still prefer if you already have an AO3 or LJ account so it would be easier for us to mention you :)


Q: What is the minimum word count for the fic?
Minimum word count is 2,000 words. Anything lower than this will not be accepted (we will run your work through a wordcounter). There is no maximum word count. Just make sure you make it to the deadline!

Q: How do the check-ins work?
There will be three check-ins throughout the whole fest. Check-ins are done in order to make sure the writers are on track in the writing process. Think of it as writing in installments: in the 1st check-in, you must submit 30% of the fic; in the 2nd check-in, you must submit 70%, in the 3rd check-in, you must submit the complete 100%.

Q: How do I submit my work?
Further details will be released about fic submission, please stay tuned!

Q: What are trigger warnings? Are they mandatory?
Trigger warnings are mandatory in the submission of your fic. If your work contains sensitive material (i.e character death, violence, dubcon), you must indicate it at the beginning of your work.

Q: What are the fic ratings?
We use the MPAA system for ratings. For more information, you may refer to this link.

Q: Am I allowed to drop out? When can I drop out?
Yes. You are allowed to drop out until June 5. Please make sure to tell the mods ASAP, though, so we can free your claimed prompts accordingly.

Q: Life got in the way and I'm afraid I won't meet the deadline. Can I get an extension?
Yes! We'll be happy to work things out with you. Just tell the mods in advance so we can give you an extension (and we'll be assured you won't go MIA on us, teehee).

Q: Can I post my fic in public during the during the duration of the fest?
A: No. Please DON'T post your work on any public platform (AO3, AFF, LJ, Tumblr, etc) while the fest is still ongoing. We are requiring participants to keep their anonymity at all costs until reveals have been made. We understand your excitement, but isn't it more fun to guess who wrote which? We also want to encourage our readers to give feedback on fics without any biases!

For further questions/clarifications, feel free to shoot us a message at yuanfenbd@gmail.com or at our twitter and we'll be happy to assist you :)

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