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What is a beta?
A beta reader is a person who reads written work, generally fiction, with the intent of looking over the material to find and improve elements such as grammar and spelling, as well as suggestions to improve the story, its characters, or its setting. Basically, the beta reader is the one who throws you virtual hugs & kisses and encourages you to fight on when you think things get too tough with your writing process.

How do I sign-up to be a beta? Fill out the beta application form at the bottom of this post and wait for a confirmation email from us. After you've successfully signed-up, you'll be included in our beta archive and we'll notify you through email if someone wants to claim you as their beta!

How do I claim a beta? Go through our beta archive that can be found at the bottom of this post and find one whom you think suits your writing process best. Fill up the beta claiming form and wait for our email regarding your beta's contact information. After that, we'll leave it up to the two of you to figure things out for your work! 

Is having a beta mandatory? No, but it is strongly recommended. A beta reader can ensure the quality of your work by giving you constructive criticism. They can help you brainstorm for new ideas, figure out plot holes, and more. Additionally, wouldn't it be nice to have someone new whom you can fawn over your OTP with? But of course, having a beta reader is still completely up to you!

Does my beta reader need to be from Yuanfen Fest? No, but it is recommended! You can have your own beta reader(s) outside of the fest, but we highly advise that you claim one from the fest's archive so the both of you can be guided with our timelines and find it easier to maintain the participants' anonymity.

General Rules

Beta reader applicants must NOT be participating as a writer for Yuanfen Fest. We don't want to add more things on your plate, especially if you have already claimed a prompt or two! We also want to avoid the incident of plagiarism and stealing of ideas.

🍑 No discussion of any details regarding the fic you are beta read-ing in public! Let's keep the anonymity of the fest until reveals!

🍑 As a beta reader, you are tasked to spot and correct the mistakes in the fic you are beta-reading.  May they be grammar/spelling mistakes, consistency problems or plot holes — you are expected to help the writer correct them all. Hand holding and cheering them on would be nice too! 

🍑  Be respectful of each other! We assume that we're all professionals here, so please maintain politeness at ALL TIMES when discussing your ideas and opinions. Creative nuances are inevitable but there is always a better, nicer way to approach them.

Please take note that the Beta Archive will still be empty for the first few days until we receive applications. The archive will be updated from time to time until the date of closing. 

Beta Application and Claiming is open until July 31.

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Hello fellow #baeksooies! A few weeks are left before the first check-in begins so we hope you've been doing well with your work! Submission begins on the week of May 25-31.

How do I check-in?

Send us a new email at yuanfenbd@gmail.com with the following format. Please create a new thread, don't reply to our previous emails!


[CHECK-IN 1] [PROMPT CODE] [Username]
Example: [CHECK-IN 1] [YFBD-144] [Yuanfen_BD]

*If you're a self-prompter, there's no need to input a prompt code.

[CHECK-IN 1] [PROMPT CODE] [Title of fic]
Example: [CHECK-IN 1] [YFBD-144] Make It Work

Send your fic in a .doc , .docx or .txt format and paste the following on top of your document.

Title (if already applicable):
Prompt Code:
Word Count:
Warning/s (if there's any):
Author's Note:

*Bold or italicized words must be included in HTML format.
*Minimum length for first check-in is 500 words. Anything else less than this amount would not be accepted so please comply. 

Should you feel the need to request for an extension, please send us an email ASAP at yuanfenbd@gmail.com. Email us with the subject line [EXTENSION REQUEST] [AUTHOR'S NAME] and kindly send us your timeline. 

We will be accepting submissions until May 31, 11:45 KST. 

For further questions and clarifications, don't hesitate to email us or drop a message on our Twitter page!

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Baeksoo drought no more, my dear! Can we get an amen up in here? 😭 But on a serious note, welcome to Yuanfen Fest's prompting post! Here's where you submit all your Baeksoo prompts, which will be curated to our prompt archive and be opened to public for claiming soon. Submit all your Baeksoo prompts, go crazy as much as you want because we deserve this! But before you proceed, please go over our rules and guidelines~

🍑 Anyone can submit a prompt! You don't have to be a writer for the fest in order to submit one. You can also submit your prompts in anon mode! We only ask for your contact information so we can notify you accordingly (if you please) once your prompt has been claimed.

🍡 You can submit any prompt that you like. Fluffy? Smutty? Dark or psychotic? Go crazy as you want, the sky is the limit! We're giving you the free reign to use your imagination so be as creative as you'd like!

🍑 Prompts will be shared anonymously. This means we won't include your name in our prompt archive once we reveal it to the public. This is a safe space for your kinks. No judgments here! But if you would like to discuss your prompts with your friends on social media, that's already your call.

🍡 Prompts will be submitted through Google Forms. This is so we can track everything smoothly.

🍑 One prompt = one prayer. One prompt = one entry. Submit as many prompts as you want but please do it one by one.

🍑 Endgame must be Baekhyun/Kyungsoo. This is a Baeksoo fest so no matter what happens, the main focus of your fic must be Baeksoo. This doesn't mean they have to end up happily together forever after, but your main pairing must still be these two. Side pairings can be added but the ending cannot be another Baekhyun or Kyungsoo pairing, i.e Chanyeol/Baekhyun or Kyungsoo/Jongin (no tea, no shade, no pink lemonade - just for example).

🍡 Tag sensitive material properly. If your prompt contains triggering material (i.e dubcon, horror, mental illness, character death), please indicate so in our form and enumerate all these themes. For strict compliance. If you're unsure about triggers, please contact the mods.


Username: Give us your Twitter/Tumblr/LJ info so we can contact you in case your claimer has questions about your prompt!

Prompt: This is where you write your prompt.

Rating: This is the range of ratings you'd like to see in the fic.

Mochi points: This is optional, but these are the list of stuff that will make you fall in love with the writer once you see them in the fic.

Skeeves: What are your top no-nos in a Baeksoo fic? These are the themes you don't want your claimer to include in the story.

Trigger warnings: If your answer to the question, "Does your prompt contain sensitive material?" is yes, kindly list down all the trigger warnings of your prompt.

Prompt Example

Good prompt: AU where Jongdae asks Kyungsoo to be his cat's babysitter while he's on a honeymoon. He becomes friends with his cat!lover neighbor, Byun Baekhyun, who refers to the cat as "pussy".

  • Ratings: All

  • Mochi points: If Kyungsoo finds himself mesmerized with the sight of Baekhyun sleeping soundly with the cat perked on his chest.

  • Skeeves: Character death, infidelity, dubcon

> The prompt is simple. It is neither too limiting nor too vague. The claimer has the freedom on how they would like to spin the story based on the prompt given.

Bad prompt #1: Baekhyun and Kyungsoo meet at the park.

  • Ratings: All

  • Mochi points: If Baekhyun and Kyungsoo share an ice cream!

  • Skeeves: No happy ending~

> This prompt is too vague :(

Bad prompt #2: Kyungsoo and Baekhyun are best friends in an orphanage who have been separated when Kyungsoo gets adopted. Baekhyun got depressed upon losing the lone light of his life. He spends his spare time crying, pining, and praying for the day where he'll meet Kyungsoo again. But Kyungsoo gets into an accident and loses his memory. Ten years later, fate unites them but Kyungsoo fails to remember Baekhyun. Baekhyun's world collapses when he learns this. He works his way to make Kyungsoo remember him again and hopefully, win back his heart. Kyungsoo will remember him. They get married and they adopt two boys named Bingbing and Kyungkyung when they visit an orphanage in China.

> This prompt is too limiting! You basically told the whole story :( There is no room for the claimer to exercise their creativity and include their own input.

In case you want to write your fic based from your own prompt, please fill up the form provided below!


Remember, the more prompts you submit, the more chances of winning! Baeksoo fics to read, that is.
Good luck and have fun!
Self-prompting form

Prompting ends on April 10. Claiming starts April 15.


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